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Communications & Security: Encryption

Ultra designs, develops, manufactures and supports secure communications equipment, making it one of the most trusted and respected cryptographic systems providers in the world. This includes Military High-Grade Cryptographic Solutions and Commercial Cryptographic Solutions. Today, Ultra is supporting crypto modernisation initiatives in both the UK and the US, delivering the next generation of high grade programmable cryptographic devices into service.


  • Interoperable with legacy KY-100,  TSVCIS, KWT-46 , KWR-46, KIV-7M, BID/1650/1 series, BID/950, BID/1280, KG-84A, & KG-84C enabled devices
  • Supports wide range of telegraphic and transmission protocols
  • Wideband voice & data traffic at 12 Kbps & 16 Kbps
  • MELPe, LPC-10 or CVSD vocoders
  • Narrowband voice & data traffic at 2.4 Kbps
  • Utilises Ultra Common Core (C3) Technology
  • Fully Field-Programmable

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